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Trekking Kokoda in 2018?

Charlie has led more than 90 expeditions across the Kokoda Trail over the past 26 years.

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Gudmundur Fridriksson is passionate about all things PNG and enjoys sharing his vast knowledge, and local insights, through his blogs.

According to Trip Advisor, the Kokoda Trail is the most popular and most visited tourist destination in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is often referred to as the "land of the unexpected" or a "parliament of a thousand tribes". It is the most complex and culturally diverse island on the planet. It is also the custodian of our wartime history in the South-West Pacific.

The Kokoda Trail is located in remote mountainous terrain in the formidable Owen Stanley Ranges. The climate is tropical - hot, wet and humid. Much of the area is inaccessible by helicopter and remote from the nearest medical facility in Port Moresby.

The trek itself is a physically demanding challenge. Trekkers need to be in good physical shape and free of any medical conditions that may prevent them from completing such an arduous personal challenge.

Adventure Kokoda provides all the information you will need to plan and prepare for your trip.

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